FAQ – Frequently asked questions

If you have opted for a general practitioner model from your health insurance company, you should bring a referral and your health card with you to the appointment.

Without a general practitioner model, the health card is sufficient; privately insured patients do not need a referral.

Please bring your health card, referral if applicable, existing records, and your medication schedule.

If you are already a patient in our practice, you can automatically leave a prescription request by speaking on our answering machine.
A corresponding announcement is made when you contact our practice by telephone on +49 (0) 77 31 92 65 00

A prescription request via our homepage is also possible. To do so, fill out the “Request a Prescription” form at the bottom of the PRESCRIPTION REQUESTS, OFFICE HOURS & CONTACT.

You can pick up your desired prescription on the following consultation day. Please do not forget to bring your health card.

Our practice is located in the city centre of Singen. The nearest parking garages are located at the Heinrich-Weber-Platz in Freiheitsstraße or at Herz-Jesu-Platz. In addition, there is a parking lot behind the C&A building. There are also parking facilities along Ekkehardstraße.